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A Husbands Commitment & Our Key to Success

A Husbands Commitment & Our Key to Success

For us, launching The I See You Company is a family affair.

We are all investing our time, emotions, money, hopes and dreams into the future successes of the I See You® Candle (a special occasion candle) and the movement it is creating.

But if I’m being honest, I could not do what we are doing to launch The I See You Company without the support of the man in our life, my husband Andy.

Prior to my involvement in the launch of The I See You Company, I was recovering from four consecutive wrist surgeries over two and half long years.

Andy was there throughout the surgeries and the arduous recoveries. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, we got engaged.

Truth be told, between my family launching The I See You Company, wrist recoveries and us getting engaged, I couldn’t wrap my head around planning a wedding. 

Our Engagement Wish!

[Picture credit: Melanie Grady]

And Andy loved this fact! So, we eloped. I wanted the minute I was recovered from my wrist surgery to hit the ground running and put 150% into The I See You Company. And Andy couldn’t have agreed with me more.

We discussed whether I would get a job and work on The I See You Company part-time until we could afford to make the jump or take a leap of faith and dive in head first.

I’ll never forget what he said! Andy looked at me and said,

“The Ashley I know can’t do anything part-time. If you work at this part-time, you’ll get part-time results and never be satisfied because it won’t become what the I See You® Candle is supposed to become. I’d rather pick up another job or two so you can give this the chance to be successful and the energy it deserves.”

I would not be as successful as I am, as an individual or as a profession without Andy’s support.

Working Together - Assembly Time!

Some days I’ve worked 5-7 hours day, but the reality is most days are now becoming 12-16hr days and working weekends.

I ABSOLUTELY love it, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that some days are more tiring than others. And some evenings, though I'm sitting next to Andy, I'm busy working.

What’s so wonderful about Andy is that he always knows the right time when I need to be reminded that Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day and to focus on the big picture, while celebrating the little wins.    

To give you an idea of who Andy is, I booked a last-minute marketing trip to California and was gone for nearly 2.5 weeks!

Yes, 2.5 LONG weeks!

When I got home he shared a new book, The Mask of Masculinity, he bought to occupy his free time.

When I asked why he chose to purchase that book, he said because he wanted to see how it related to his life and if he could identify if he was hiding behind “a mask.” I just love this man and how he thinks!

Over the course of this read, he shared that four of the five masks were not applicable to himself, but rather applicable to those in his circle. He candidly admitted he was proud of himself and the work he had done to get to where to where he is at in his life right now.

In a live interview conducted by Jack Canfield with Lewis Howes, author of the book The Mask of Masculinity, Howes shared that

“Successful, happy men are not confined to a cookie-cutter ideal of what men should be like. Successful, happy men are the ones who are true to themselves in spite of the ideals they’ve been conditioned to.”

This is Andy’s truth and our reality. 

Andy doesn’t look at our life as checklist to make sure one isn’t doing more than the other.

Rather, he feels that what needs to get done, gets done. There are no cookie-cutter roles for us because we are a team and committed to supporting each other.

He continuously reminds me that if he can take more off my plate, it makes it so we can have more free time with each other and our friends. For us, it’s about compromise and remembering that we are both committed to the big picture of enabling each other to be the best version of ourselves!

That includes Andy calling me out when he sees me putting too much energy into negative thoughts and doubt.

When I asked him what it was like watching my sister and I launch The I See You Company he said,

“It makes me proud that you are doing something you love and are good at it. Watching you launch this company has inadvertently pushed me and made me more driven to change things in my life. It’s never intimidated me, it just makes me so proud of the woman you are and that you are my wife.”  

Pitching the I See You® Candle to HSN

At the end of the day, Andy’s only request is that we make the time in my crazy schedule to cook together.

He said, “Cooking together is a chance to resent with one another. It has more meaning because our relationship started by cooking together. Really, I enjoy cooking now because I cook with you.” 

His support is such a key part to our success and I'm forever grateful to have him on this journey with me. 

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