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Did you know that the greeting card industry is valued at over a billion-dollars? Yes, that's a lot of cards. 

The I See You® Candle

The greeting card industry has experienced consistent growth levels and an increase in demand for quality, unique and experiential products. The increase in technology has provided cards with music, sound, LED lights and pop-up features; however, even with the technology innovations, consumers have become even more dedicated to paper cards.

Consumers are shifting to experience based models that evoke greater emotional connections which makes a collaboration with our product just perfect!

The I See You® Candle appeals perfectly to the consumers who connect with experiential products.

The greeting card industry is about celebrating life’s moments, milestone and events, which is exactly what our product, I See You® Candle, provides.

Our product is a shift from the traditional card or birthday candle celebration, but we also bolster the add-on sale within the greeting card and gift industries. 

We've almost all purchased a greeting card at some point in our life. Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, mother's day or father's day, the year provides multiple reasons to go out and make that greeting card purchase. 

Did you know that our Specialty Birthday Candles - I See You® Candles - are perfect for greeting cards? They are quick and easy to attach and OH do they make that card extra special!

You may be wondering how our product works side by side a card. Or maybe you are worried about combining a greeting card with our I See You® Candle. But, we can assure you that there's nothing to worry about because we've done our due-diligence to create this memorable experience without headache. 

You can put an I See You® Candle on the following Greeting Cards:

Greeting Cards - I See You Company

If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to give our product a try because every SIGNIFICANT MOMENT, BIG OR SMALL, IS A REASON FOR CELEBRATION with an I See You® Candle.

I See You Candle on Greeting Card


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